Beneficial Foods

Now come on there is surely enough incentive to study the topic and feel the joy of being able to do anything you want in life with ease and comfort. So here we go the first site to check out is which is currently being loaded with the top healthy foods. The list includes fermented foods and these are super foods. Remember your gut and autoimmune system work together conspiring against all the badies to keep us healthy. Firstly go to and you will be exposed to the most dangerous collection of super foods in the universe. If armies found out about these they would be invincible!! Well almost! But seriously a sprinkling of these foods included in the daily diet over the long term is a health sentence if ever we saw.

Then we concentrate on raw nutrition and vegetable juice is the next super food. Vegetable juice has a happy knack of assisting detoxification. now this is very important as the average human body today is riddled with toxins from chemicals in the food and environment. Some 78,000 of them to be specific. Juices of this type concentrate the nutrients while removing the pulp. So a blend of carrot and celery with beetroot, potato, cabbage and many other vegetables is the go. The nutrients vary and so the combinations are worth studying and really you need only one or two glasses a day as part of a diet or you can go an occasional day on juice only. The website vegetable will be posted soon with loads of exciting information. But while we are here the addition of Grainfields BE liquid is an interesting idea which we have been using for many years. The product is a probiotic which has been on the market for years and it gives a very pleasant flavour to the vegetable juice while adding all the benefits of a powerful commercial quality probiotic. The other advantage if you are saving some juice is that the process of oxidation seems to be stopped in favour of a fermenting process which actually amplifies the nutritional benefits of the juice as well. Probiotics incidentally put the correct bacteria back into the digestive system but they need to be commercial quality or they seem to make very little difference.

Then there are fruit smoothies which obviously are delicious and this is the ideal opportunity to stock up on greens. Greens are the most important food to concentrate on because we tend to eat so few as a percentage of our diet. Greens are vital for limbs and brain. It is not deemed social to sit down to a plate of spinach and while that is a little bland the fact is that in many societies a small lettuce leaf decorates the page and is seen by many as decoration only so it is not eaten. Greens added to the fruit smoothie in a proportion of about 30% by volume (squeezed up) will help make up the ideal total of around 30% greens in the diet. The fruits can include pawpaw and always throw in a couple of seeds as these are anti cancer. Then pineapple including the inner core as that is where all the enzymes are and banana for the potassium and mixing potential. Avocado is a pleasant addition for smoothness and helps with ladies problems. So for your research into this section of the diet are concerned we have lots of websites coming such as and many more which we will update on this page as they are launched. Incidentally the provision of fee natural health information is a passion but there are openings for contributors and profitable investment. Very suitable for small investors wishing to create passive income. The health niche is the biggest and getting bigger. Check out for information.
Ok back to the fruit smoothy it can be a daily addition to the diet but watch the sizes and content until the blood sugar stabilises permanently. All the fruits have excellent nutrient potential and can be purchased in their natural state. Berries are excellent for another range of nutrients.