Ongoing Health


Diabetes and this is the most important page. At the risk of being repetitive it is necessary to repeat that diabetes is an eating disorder. Depending on the person’s metabolism and the range and balance of foods digested it is becoming more common for people to develop diabetes. We have and will continue to post multiple pages on the details and you do need to review those pages regularly to remain in understanding of the state. So diabetes cannot be cured but it can be reversed temporarily or permanently. For the permanent version you need to adopt a different lifestyle to the one which has culminated in diabetes.
In a way you are lucky because if it does not suddenly kill you, diabetes is a perfect warning that sends you to the doctor. Now there is a growing number of doctors who do understand diabetes, but the number is infinitely small compared to the number of people who are busy acquiring this disease. However if indeed it is one of these doctors you accidentally visit, the message is clear. Blood sugar levels are out of control and even medically balancing them leaves you with a feeling of fatigue, depression and your quality of life is gone. So the important thing is that you have looked further afield and the information you are finding here is strictly offered as study information so keep looking and come back as often as you like. In fact it is a good idea to join our free membership at least. Again you are lucky because the same lifestyle choices could have led you contract some much worse disease in terms of the reversal process.

Reversal starts with the understanding that you are on the wrong track in life so now it is time to do something about that. It does depend on your metabolism and you come up with many excuses why you do not need to do this or that but the ones who did not follow the natural method are still sick or dead and always uncomfortable. First step always is to remove processed sugar, wheat and most oils and fats from your diet. That sounds difficult but awareness is growing so it is much easier today to find foods and recipes which reduce your fat, develop your metabolism and increase your energy. The things you need to start eating include oils and fats which contain omega3’s such as quality olive oil, coconut oil and linseed oil even quality butter is acceptable. Then increase the raw food component in your food intake including lots of greens. Meat is ok generally but no processed meats and preferably as lamb or beef or organic chicken. Fish is ok. Sweetness should come from raw fruits only and we will provide lots of information on serving and enjoying these foods. Comments are welcome and members can ask questions from trained professionals.

So get started on the reversal process. You may feel a little strange for the first weeks but then your energy will begin to return. There are ways of speeding up the process which we will discuss in other pages and connected webpages. Stay with your medical program and discuss reductions of medications with your doctor each time you reach a new level of health. We arrive at a stage where the health becomes comfortable and so do we return to the gutters or forge ahead?

From this point there will still be many questions to have answered and so there are a number of other websites from this group which will be helpful. Check out the list on the home page and then if you cannot find what you are looking for ask the question or make a comment. This process is interactive knowledge and information and progressive improvement.